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"The Squeeze Page Is The First Thing You Should Set Up For Any Promotion! All Of The Experts Agree...The Money Is In The List"

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"10 Minutes? - this can be done in 2 with your new web-based software!"

Julius Moltgen

Hi Jeff,

Your 10 Minute Sqeeze Page tool is a real time saver. One of the things that's on my "should do" list is to create more ways to capture my visitors data. Your wizard is really nice. Pick your colour, text, border, add your autoresponder code and it's done. Just click "save" to download and use.

10 Minutes? - this can be done in 2 with your new web-based software!

I also like your links to free software and tutorials to related tools.

Thanks and good luck,

Julius L. Moltgen

"I finished then even added a video and it was STILL under 10 minutes!"

Submitted by Michael Copeland of http://www.internetmarketermagazine.com

"This 10 Minute Squeeze Page Site Is Bordering Genius"

Matthew Griffon

Hey Jeff!

Good to see you doing positive, productive things to help out our internet marketing community! And this 10 minute squeeze page site is bordering genius.

I love the ease in which you can refer and get your bonus material; the copy and paste; the side bar navigation in which you can go learn with video....I love it all!

Very good job (and LOVE the new graphics and set up!) with this, most definately will get your bang for your buck. You better keep me in the loop for version 2.0!

Talk Soon,
Matthew P. Griffin

Relationship Building In Marketing And Social Networking Is Very Powerful

Every day our email inboxes are STUFFED full of emails telling us to use the new "web 2.0 tools", build strong relationships on websites like MySpace or Facebook and upload our videos to YouTube and the other video websites. Those of us who are really getting good advice are also told to bookmark literally everything! And this is all GREAT advice, but it's still missing one thing....

...all the chit chat in the world on your favorite social networks does NOT magically put money in to your bank account! And even if you are lucky enough to get people to visit your website and some of them are even willing to BUY what you're offering, then what? Without a squeeze page you're dead in the water.

The gurus and so called forum gods (often self proclaimed) all tell us "the money is in the list" and this is rock solid information I agree, but sadly most don't seem so willing to show you how to get started.

On top of this you need to know how to nurture your email list once people sign up!

Also, in fairness we can't buy everything that comes along, which is why we offer a free trial so that you can try the software we're using, have a chance to experience the knowledge we offer in our webinars and get a good feel for what you're getting before worrying about things like money.

Besides, people are so sick of being told to buy... BUY... BUY over and over repeatedly without being offered anything of sincere value. This is the "information age" and people have a serious need for this most of all. If you remember that and keep it in mind when building a relationship with your list you'll move ahead much faster, people will respect you more and sales will increase.

Show People You Have A "Human Side" And They Will Love You All The More

If you can do this while giving them valuable information and tools you've got a customer for life!

Here's A Couple More Unsolicited Testimonials From Our Members

"What a wonderful tool to for newer marketers to use."

Julius Moltgen

Hi Guyz,

Thanks so much for the sneak peek and promo on your new 10 minute squeeze page maker. Now, I made mine in less than 10 minutes, but hey, who's counting, right? :)

What a wonderful tool to for newer marketers to use. No software to install and mess up and no maintenance.

There was nothing like this when I first started out, so just developing and providing an easy solution makes this one great opportunity for many. Thanks again, and what's next? ;)

All My Best,
Kathe Lucas

"By the way, the page I put together was an absolute success."

Matthew Griffon

Former 1996 Olympic Gold Metal Winner Balazs Kiss Wrote;

Thank you Jeffrey,

I know you are a busy entrepreneur, I really appreciate you taking the time for me. I'll be a big advocate of the squeeze-pages and your other content when I meet my group (people, who happen to own their own businesses).

Thanks again, this was a good experience.

By the way, the page I put together was an absolute success.

Balazs Kiss
(I sell alkalizing natural food supplements in Hungary)
Olympic Records Shown On Wikipedia

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30 Day 100% Monty Back Gaurantee Certificate

For those people who request I will offer a 100% refund within 30 days with no questions asked. This is the same thing I would want when making a purchase for myself....to know that if the product doesn't perform as advertised, then I can get my money back with NO hassle.

With That In Mind I Feel That We Owe You Our Customers The Same Courtesy

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